Today’s Interiors


Clients come to us to take them beyond their abilities. We interpret their needs, wants & turn their dreams into reality.

When Contemporary Art is mixed with transitional interiors it makes the interiors more currently relevant. Using an occasional authentic antiques for their historical connection and their wonderful patinas will also add to the rooms relevance. The mix has to be carefully chosen & is always a delicate balancing act. It is always important to spend the time selecting conversational accessory pieces to add uniqueness & have these pieces become conversation pieces. Selecting classic character antique lighting fixtures, appropriately, can help contribute to the authenticity of the “feeling” one has set out to accomplish.

When designing Character Homes, Interiors or Landscaping in any styles, I always will instil a modern livability with some elements from the past, be it materials, or objects. I am fluent in a wide range of styles such as French, English, Spanish, Italian or Contemporary.

For the purist client I have resources from 2-300 year old reclaimed architectural elements. A secret door manufacturer who will use my reclaimed material and fabricate authentic interior or exterior doors maintaining the great patina of the aged materials that new doors cannot reproduce. Then I have sources to making the hardware from the same moulds as was used a 150 years ago. Many other sources too numerous to list here.

The largest percentage of the worlds population want & need to feel good in their surroundings. They need to be able to relate to the materials & forms around them; feeling connected to it. People feel secure with their ancestral roots which is a part of their identity; even if may be unconscious.

Anchoring to the past is not the same as living in the past. It gives us “roots” tells us where we came from & possibly part of our identity.