• “David is such a knowledgeable profession with such collective credentials in the design and infrastructure of hotels I have hired him to do two more of our hotels and have recommended him to other hoteliers here in Mexico and he is now also working on my own personal residence Guadalajara.

    Mr. Ignatio Cadena- Fiesta Americana Hotels

  • “We entered several projects in the S.T.A.R Awards competition we won with 2 of your projects in the “Best Whole House Renovation” & Best Sunroom” categories and won first place in both. Thank you.”

    Archwood Building Company – Raleigh NC

  • “Since its inception, Heritage has worked to create an atmosphere that brings forward the uniqueness of the town of Wake Forest and David has achieved this through the creation of his Architectural and Landscape Design Guidelines. Thanks to his ability to continuously work toward lofty goal and standards, has challenged others to raise their level of expectations. We have won over 40 awards and we feel that David deserves much of the credit and we look forward to working with David on future projects.”

    Mr. Andy Ammons- Heritage (2000 acres), Wake Forest NC

  • “An excellently executed and designed project and the best plan ever submitted to this Board.”

    Architectural Review Board- Wakefield Plantation, Raleigh NC

  • “Mr. Thomas designed a sunroom addition to our 1870 historical home and made it look like it had always been there”

    Dr. Joseph and Mrs. Nancy Malamed- Oxford NC

  • “With all of our travels we knew what we wanted our house to “feel” like. Getting someone to understand, interpret and execute the project was difficult finding someone who had the credentials to handle the entire project was an approach near impossible until we accidently discovered upon Mr. Thomas in his showroom on Melrose Avenue. Our home is a testament to his experience, expertise, understanding and vast knowledge and resource base. He went beyond anyone else we interviewed and has made our LA home such a rewarding place to be.”

    Mr. & Mrs. Robertson – Los Angeles CA

  • “Having purchased a lot in historical section of Wilmington we had to meet historical design guidelines. We wanted to have a character home and were allowed to use the 1920’s style Neo Spanish Style. We searched long and hard to find David- he met every expectation and went beyond what we ever thought we could get on this lot. To our pleasure Historical Board approved and we are happily enjoying our new home”

    Mr. & Mrs. John Wallace – Wilmington NC

  • “You did a great job on my Manhattan apartment and my kitchen was way beyond anything I could have imagined and exceeded all of my expectations”

    Abbey Hutanen – New York NY

  • “After going through several architectural designers we finally found someone who understands and can design real Italian Architecture- “Great job on both our new home and new subdivision”

    Sam & Susan Longiotti – Chapel Hill NC

  • “We searched all over North Carolina for someone who could design a high quality French Country dream home for us. Mr. Thomas not only met but exceeded our expectations”

    Mr. & Mrs. Sam Cannady – Henderson NC

  • My wife and I hired David Thomas to design our new home inside and out. His ability to illustrate his ideas along the way gave us the clarity to understand and make approval decisions. The final designs met all of our expectations while still meeting our budget parameters. He went beyond the norm by introducing new ideas and expanding our preferences. We owe him a lot.

    Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pollock- Stouffville, ON

  • “We’ve been searching for years for someone with David’s talent”

    Rich and Dianne Franco- Raleigh NC

  • “I’ve been in the building business for over 40 years, David you are still the best designer I’ve ever used for my homes & hotels”

    Robert Wharton – Bermuda

  • “One of David’s most useful attributes is his ability to “listen”. He quickly grasps the parameters of the project and then finds novel and economical ways to expedite its completion. To come in on time and on budget is something rare these days and yet it is the norm for David”

    J.Patrick Moore – Toronto


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