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The gathering area for interaction, working on your computer, doing homework, watching the news, sharing the daily event while preparing & cooking with family or friends. In our fast-paced life we always seem to be short of time, it’s important that efficiency of movement and the ergonomics are addressed but it should also be an enjoyable & creative experience bringing the family together in one place, simultaneously. There is a list of many important features to address when designing a kitchen; the choices of styles, layouts and components are enormous & also can be tailored to the individual functions.

STYLE of the kitchen can be personalized to your life style of either Contemporary, Traditional or Transitional and the material selection used should reflect that style & be compatible with the style of the interior & the architecture. There are so many imaginative combinations of kitchen design ideas such as door styles, countertops & hardware today that there are literally no design roadblocks to achieving spectacular kitchen interior design both aesthetically and functionally. One example, I don’t use upper cabinets (where space allows) so as to lighten up the visual weight and allow areas for artwork. I then replace them with under counter drawers such as dish drawers adjacent to the dishwasher for ease use and unloading. Incorporating another available feature like touch opening & soft close drawers & doors or even electronic touch opening & closing drawers.


For those who have who wash dishes frequently, don’t use very many or need to can install counter dish drawers, These are also great during apart when you run short of glasses. Fisher Paykel invented them and have them so that you can only use one drawer at a time. These drawers also helps a lot in efficiency, speed & ergonomics for both emptying the dishwasher & ease of use. Seniors or singles don’t even have to empty the dishwasher because you can have one clean that you draw from and the other for used dishes. There are vertical pull out shelves; dish drawers which have easy access and stores more than the upper shelves in smaller space; of course, Lazy Susans of all descriptions; Small appliance pop ups & on and on.

COUNTERTOPS and food preparation materials are important for not only the aesthetics, special use but for sanitary & cleaning maintenance reasons. Besides all the natural materials you now multiple choices in Quartz with require no maintenance and do not develop bacteria eliminating salmonella possibilities. Aesthetically, Zinc is incredible for that European look and feel. Wood is naturally antibacterial & is safer believe it or not. There are natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties in wood which eliminate about 99 percent of all potential contaminants. Even when plastic cutting boards are washed with hot soapy water or put through a dishwasher, they continue to breed bacteria.

Kitchen Designers TorontoAPPLIANCE come in every size, description and specialty appliance like undercounted herb growers, wine storage, silent dishwashers and so on. I have access to corner built in refrigeration from England for that specialty “look.”

BACKSPLASH Also so many types depending on the style & mood. Hand made and fitted Mosaic tiles & again all natural materials or custom hand made ceramic, porcelain, glass & metal.

SPECIALTY ITEMS like built in Pizza ovens, glass enclosed & temperature controlled wine cellars. All to fulfill your personal style wants, needs and method of preparing your meals.

LIGHTING has changed now “to anything goes” such as more formal crystal if you wish, to hand-blown Murano glass or converted & electrified reclaimed tin cans; your choices are endless.


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