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“Clients select us to interpret their needs, wants & bring their dreams into reality.”
You may ask; What makes DAVID THOMAS different?
We are skilled at listening, interpreting & BRINGING DREAMS into REALITY. We also exceed our client’s expectations whether designing the architecture, interior or landscaping.
We draw from our credentials & over 40 years of diverse experience Internationally. Designing projects that collectively balance function, creativity, comfort & current technology.
We design to elevate the human spirit; whether it be a home or a character hospitality project, there is always an instilled “FEELING”
SERVICE IS NOT A COMMODITY to us, it’s our attitude!

Interior Design is setting the backdrop for the decoration. It is anything attached to the architecture that relates to form & function. Decoration, simply put, is the aesthetic dressing of the room.

I made a statement on a KTLA TV interview in LA many years ago that I always adhere to, “If you walk into an empty room and it doesn’t feel good, STOP… before you do anything else, get the “bones” right.” That’s because if the setting doesn’t feel good then you will have to over-compensate with the decoration.

Interior Designers Toronto  Interior Designers Toronto Interior Designers Toronto

When I create an Interior, Home or Landscape of any style; I will always instil a modern-livability with occasional elements from the past.

Toronto Interior Design styles are so diversified in scope one has to be diligent in selecting an Interior Designer for their project. Recommendations are good but not enough to select an Interior Designer to interpret your specific individuality. I feel injecting contemporary art & authentic antique into a transitional room will take a room beyond the common trend or brand. It is a much more relevant & polished interior & has been dubbed Trans Contemporary.

The mix is a carefully chosen balance so as not to pull the room back too far back in time. Anchoring to the past is not the same as living in the past but respecting it.

Critically important is selecting relevant accessories that will tie the room together like carefully selected jewellery would be in making a fashion statement. These pieces not only solidify & support the “look & feel” of a room but add uniqueness & become stimulating conversational pieces.

For the purist client, we have accumulated resources from around the world to draw on whether it be craftsmen, furnishing, fabric or antiques. A rare example of the craftsmen on our interior list is our secret door manufacturer who will use my reclaimed material and fabricate authentic interior or exterior doors maintaining the great patina that new doors could never reproduce.

People need to be able to relate to the materials & forms around them. This will evoke a feeling comfort, connectedness & security; even if it be unconscious.

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