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WHEN DESIGNING A CUSTOM HOME, there are many design factors to be taken into consideration in the design development process of your New Custom Home. Such as a Custom Homes Toronto on a CITY LOT, the home size is limited to the zoning height, width & length allowances. Facing the sun is generally limited to the front or rear of the house depending what side of the street you’re choosing.

Custom Homes Design Custom Homes Design Custom Homes Design

Of course if you are on a LARGER LOT for your new Custom Home & have a choice you can site the home the way you would like it; then thoughtfulness will apply. One of the key issues is making sure that the axis of the rooms will capitalize on the key focal views & sun direction. For example making sure the kitchen/breakfast room takes advantage of the sunrise in the East; Bedrooms are on the quiet side; Pool faces in a southerly direction; Living room is primarily an evening room and should have a view of the sunset in the West facing the pool and so on.

DETERMINING THE STYLE is very important when space planning & configuring the room layout. Some simple examples: A Georgian house would be a basic rectangle & on the other hand a French Country home would be designed with additions tied together, giving the appearance of being added on over time.

SIZE gets combined with “Style” because again, Georgian would be basically equal on both levels; whereas a French Country home would be largely on the main level with secondary rooms situated on the second level, mostly within the roof line. These are simple examples & by no means cover the multitude of factors that go into designing an enjoyable Custom Home with the desired style & liveability.

SPACE PLANNING has to incorporate the room function, comfort & most of all the furniture requirements. Furniture placement layout is critical in determining the proper room size before finalizing the space plan.

It may be a little more challenging than a new home design but for Home Improvement Toronto, all the same considerations will apply.

We stay involved throughout the process from start to finish to move in.

Critical to the team is matching up an appropriate builder that understands, has the experienced sub trades & resources capable of delivering the design & detailing as they were designed. We can assist with that if you not have a builder in mind. You may rest assured we not only meet our clients expectations but exceed them, as our past client have attested to.

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