Thoughts on Branding by David Thomas

Webster’s dictionary states that creativity is “to bringing into being from nothing”; “to cause to exist”.

For me repetition or the sameness does not stimulate creativity. I also have never seen “the line” to not crossover between disciplines; designing is designing – there are no lines.MY THOUGHTS ON BRANDING

To quote the late Mark Hampton in an interview:
“I have absolutely no interest in a trademark style,” he explains. ”Some would say, ‘I have no style, no look.’ Well, I don’t get it. That isn’t what I set out to do. I just set out to be a decorator, to do a good job and have fun. I’ve wondered with envy at people who like one thing and work at it and it becomes their realm. Those people who can say, ‘I love Winterthur but I hate Lyndhurst,’ people who have these enormous, refined senses of hate.

I love Winterthur, Lyndhurst, Greek Revival and French houses. Of course, I daydream constantly about English houses, and those shingle-style American houses…”

This echo’s my opinion on Trademark, Brand or Style – putting yourself in a box is probably comfortable, I wouldn’t know, but what I do know is you cannot expand your thinking, explore real creativity. At the very least become diversified in thought enough to take the creative risk to explore your creative options.

One of the best “back door” compliments I was ever paid on this topic was by the president and owner of Ripley’s International when he described me
as “Consistently inconsistent but always creative”.

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