I attended a seminar on “sleep” by Dr. Neil Stanley Phd.; the world’s leading expert on sleep out of England.

We all know how good we feel after a restful sleep but we tend to attribute it to an occasional random occurrence (& it probably is). However, after a good night’s occasional rest we hurry to get on with our day and tend to stop thinking about it anymore or giving credit to what a spectacular & productive day we just had because of a good night’s sleep.

There are many contributing factors to a good night sleep I pass on to my clients but will only mention a few here. I do have a short treatise on the topic that I discuss and give to my clients before reinstalling the old bed & designing their new bedrooms.


Foam of any sort does not have the claimed benefits. That is not true. I have been sleeping on it for over 30 years & using the right type of foam with the correct layering of density dispels the myth, lasts longer and is dust, mould and any kind of insect especially bed bugs cannot live in it. Foam is also Hypo Allergenic.

SOME OF THE BENEFITS of good nights sleep:

Live longer & stronger with less diseases and live a happier, healthier more productive & rewarding life.

I was reminded in the seminar that the 2 most important items to focus your expenditures on are your shoes and your bed because we spend our life in one or the other.



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