This is a Residential follow-up from “WHY SO MANY BUILDINGS LACK CLASSICAL DETAINING TODAY” (Blog # 4)

I have become disturbed at how modernist residential architecture does not fit into its surrounding neighbourhood. There seems to be a total disregard & even in some cases contempt to even consider an attempting at getting it to fit in. Again there are exceptions and I have posted this example before. These architects, using an unpronounced pitched roof and warmer materials to not have it stand out like a sore thumb, as most do.THE IMPORTANCE OF DESIGN DETAILING PAST & PRESENT

There are always exceptions to every rule & there is a segment of architects that go beyond the modernist design rules. Those exceptions turn out a very well designed & detailed project that combines clean lines but also provides the feelings our DNA is comfortable with.

I have read so many statements by professional therapists and by spiritual people who say that one should walk at least 30 minutes a day in nature. This puts the mind at ease and relieves stress. It also helps one connect with their higher power (whoever that may be) to the earth & one’s inner self. In nature, there are no straight lines, no right angles. So it is with embellished buildings. They anchor us to the past, it’s in our DNA. Our eye follows the flowing lines like in nature and puts us at ease. The embellishments also add to the interest and contribute to the character, drawing us into it and developing a personality.

So many things being manufactured today do not connect us back to with our DNA encoding. That encoding of places, objects & shapes that make us feel safe & comfortable. Epigenetics is nongenetic information that can be passed down from parent to offspring. Is it all encoded in our DNA as well?

I have always used “Mother Nature” in my design work. The complexity & subtlety of the colours, shapes, textures were all Devine creations. Most man-made products don’t duplicate any of these the same way. Using natural materials are more comfortable, and sustainable. As natural things are used, over time, take on a different patina & feel that only seems to enhance itself.

THE IMPORTANCE OF DESIGN DETAILING PAST & PRESENTI love stylized classical design (to the left). However, today’s design seems to have disconnected itself from all of that. Manufacturers have simplified designed for speed and economy of production. Schools no longer offer classical training & without that training one cannot design in the details that connect us to the emotions in our DNA. Plus, classical training also teaches proper human scale and proportion.

If one would use their power of observation to extract what makes an object or detail from the past elevate our spirit and then apply that to a modernized object, respectfully, then we would have the best of both worlds

We don’t have to become trapped in the past but be inspired by it. Expand on it with your own creativity, use it, respect it.

This is a more complex & in-depth subject but I hope this will provoke thought in the right direction. ~ David Thomas