When designing a custom home, considerations are given to a multitude of factors. Not just a plan that fits on a lot & meets the square footage requirements. On a city lot, consideration as to where you want the sun to be on the building generally is limited to the front or back of the house? In the city is more difficult to determined in the country or large lots choose to situate the structure are more ideal.

If you are on a larger lot & have a choice to site the home it will take care and thought. One of the key issues is making sure the axis fits the focal view of course but also the positioning of rooms. For example making sure the kitchen/breakfast room takes advantage of the sunrise: Bedrooms away from any roadways; Pool faces in a southerly direction; Living room is primarily an evening room and should have a view of the sunset and hopefully the pool to mention only a few.

Determining the style & size is very important when laying out the floor plan. For example a Georgian house would be a basic rectangle & on the other hand a French Country home would be designed with additions looking like they morphed over time & they had been added on over the generations.

Size gets combined with Style because again, Georgian would be basically equal on both floors were as a French country home would be largely on the main floor with secondary rooms situated on the second floor within the roof line. These are simple examples & by no means cover the multitude of factors that go into designing a home.

Space planning has to incorporate the room function, comfort & furniture requirements, within that chosen style of the home.

Any good design concept harmonizes the exterior and interior within the themed style that was chosen. How many times have you approached a home where the landscape doesn’t match the architecture style; you walk inside and find the interior matches neither? That is because the homeowner has selected 3 separate disciplines that are all have different styles or “brands” of their own. They may all be very professional but do not come together to unify the objective concept. A unified whole enhances & strengthens the feeling of the chosen style and therefore elevates the spirit & enhances the living experience.

Also very critical to the team is matching up an appropriate builder that understands, has the sub trades, resources & is capable of delivering the design the way it was intended.