I recently conducted a mini survey on Facebook on the two building below.WHY BUILDINGS LACK CLASSICAL DETAILING TODAY

I asked when looking at the buildings which building made you feel the best? Everyone, except for one person, voted for the classical building on the right. I spoke with that singular voter to try and understand why they voted the way they did. The answer was mostly cerebral in support of what they assumed if it was contemporary it had to be the better choice. I then rephrased the question and asked if you had to look at one of those buildings everyday across the street from your home would you change your mind. The answer was immediately, “Yes” the house on the right.

I used these two building because it is extremely rare to see anyone design a commercial building today with classic detailing.

I will no doubt garner some “flack” from certain groups who will defend designing in the Modernist way to protect their position because they know no other way. There are Architectural schools who have dropped “Classical” training from their curriculum as a valueless way of designing today.

I’m sure this subject can be debated and discussed at length because this is just the tip of the “Iceberg”. However, this discussion needs to start somewhere because it’s not active at the moment, that I know of. Most Modern Architecture is accepted by the public thinking as, “This is all there is” or, “If we want to be up to date” and not because they love it, want it & feel good about it. However, there are a group of Architects that go beyond designing just buildings. Such as Santiago Calatrava, Frank Ghery, Zaha Hadid to name a few.