• Understanding which Professional Designer you need. October 14, 2019 - Understanding which Professional Designer you need. At times I find it difficult to convey to clients the value of using a designer if they have never experience working with one before. When a potential client is searching for a designer they generally find one mainly through referrals from friends, relatives… Continue Reading
  • EVOLUTION OF DESIGN STYLES & TRENDS October 12, 2019 - EVOLUTION OF DESIGN STYLES & TRENDS TERMINOLOGY CLASSICAL - meaning generally historic TRANSITIONAL - a crossing over mix of classical & contemporary. That would include current colours and textures MODERN – slick, clean lines - void of classical detail usually European CONTEMPORARY - any design of the current trend; up… Continue Reading
  • A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO RESIDENTIAL DESIGN November 19, 2018 -   Any holistic design concept harmonizes the exterior and interior within the chosen themed style. How many times have you approached a home where the landscape doesn’t match the architecture style; you walk inside, find the interior is a complete mismatch? That is because the homeowner has selected 3 separate disciplines. Each has a… Continue Reading
  • 4 Critical Design Element July 18, 2018 - 4 Critical Design Element CONTRAST The first design principle to consider. Which I say, can be though of as a verb because it creates the tension (the action) that keeps the eye engaged and moving around the room. Proportion The next design element, Mark Hampton explains “is the most concrete,… Continue Reading
  • DESIGNING A CUSTOM HOME December 28, 2017 -   When designing a custom home, considerations are given to a multitude of factors. Not just a plan that fits on a lot & meets the square footage requirements. On a city lot, consideration as to where you want the sun to be on the building generally is limited to… Continue Reading
  • MY THOUGHTS ON BRANDING November 27, 2017 - Thoughts on Branding by David Thomas Webster’s dictionary states that creativity is “to bringing into being from nothing”; “to cause to exist”. For me repetition or the sameness does not stimulate creativity. I also have never seen “the line” to not crossover between disciplines; designing is designing - there are… Continue Reading
  • Today’s Interiors November 13, 2017 - COMMENTS ON INTERIOR DESIGN Clients come to us to take them beyond their abilities. We interpret their needs, wants & turn their dreams into reality. When Contemporary Art is mixed with transitional interiors it makes the interiors more currently relevant. Using an occasional authentic antiques for their historical connection and… Continue Reading
  • TRANS CONTEMPORARY – A NEW DESIGN CATEGORY October 24, 2017 - TRANS CONTEMPORARY IS BETWEEN CONTEMPORARY AND TRANSITIONAL & IT IS NOW AN EXPANDING STYLE This style has come about because of Human overload. By 2030 two thirds of the population of the world will be living in cities; Increased urban density which causes loss of privacy; Loss of nature (nature… Continue Reading
  • THE IMPORTANCE OF DESIGN DETAILING PAST & PRESENT September 28, 2017 -   This is a Residential follow-up from “WHY SO MANY BUILDINGS LACK CLASSICAL DETAINING TODAY” (Blog # 4) I have become disturbed at how modernist residential architecture does not fit into its surrounding neighbourhood. There seems to be a total disregard & even in some cases contempt to even consider… Continue Reading
  • WHY BUILDINGS LACK CLASSICAL DETAILING TODAY September 14, 2017 -   I recently conducted a mini survey on Facebook on the two building below. I asked when looking at the buildings which building made you feel the best? Everyone, except for one person, voted for the classical building on the right. I spoke with that singular voter to try and understand… Continue Reading


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