DAVID THOMAS & ASSOCIATES Has been designing Internationally for over 40 years. Our Credentials, Experience, listening skills, Interpreting & bringing our clients dreams into reality – exceeding our client’s expectations. In designing projects we creatively balance function, form & comfort, elevating the human spirit in either Transitional, Contemporary or Trans Contemporary Style.


  • Multiple American Society of Interior Designers Awards & Citations
  • Multiple American Homebuilders Associations Awards
  • 12 STAR Awards for remodelling projects
  • 22 MAME Awards for New Homes
  • 8 First Place Awards, The Renovators Council
  • Best of Home in Bermuda Home & Garden Tour
  • Best of Show Home – Pasadena, Toronto, Raleigh & Los Angeles


  • 4 Chapters in American Society of Interior Designers (24 years)
  • The American Korean Tae Kwon Do Association (8 years)
  • Muscular Dystrophy Association in Canada & USA (18 years)
  • Alumni Board Executive of OCAD U (4 years)
  • Chair of OCAD U ARTWORKS 2019

OUR PRINCIPAL DAVID THOMAS IS SOUGHT AFTER for his long standing diversified design reputation, individuality & passion. He stays personally involved throughout every step of each project & delivers the same attention & service, regardless of size or location.

EACH PROJECT IS CREATED FOR THE INDIVIDUAL CLIENT & THEIR VERNACULAR. Our ideas are never forced upon our clients; instead, we are committed to educate and expose our clients to new concepts, products and ideas. Each client & their project reveals an infinite number of possibilities that will clearly make the home their own.

Our Style preference has evolved into what we call Sophisticated Casual. However, we are experienced in designing Traditional, Transitional, Contemporary & Trans Contemporary Interiors. Our design projects ranges from 40 to 38,000 square feet. While the esthetics of our design is of primary importance, we also underpin that with technical knowledge, thoughtful space planning & ease of function. Our focus & expertise with lighting is one of the most critical factors in maintaining the mood, feel & function of the project after the sun has gone down; both inside & out.

Most Recently our work has garnered 2 Awards from LUXE Magazine in London England & 2 Awards from the American Society of Interior Designers; one as Designer of Distinction Award (Metropolitan New York City Chapter) & the other for Best Outdoor Living Space (Upstate NY Canada East Chapter).

David Thomas work has been featured in all major shelter magazines & newspapers in North America as well as Bermuda, Bahamas & Mexico. PBS has produced 2, 1- hour programs on how we approached a complicated renovation & a Historic restoration; which was the oldest Georgian wood structure in Canada.

INTERIOR DESIGN is setting the backdrop for the decoration. It is anything attached to the architecture that relates to form & function. Decoration, simply put, is the aesthetic dressing of the room.

I made a statement on a KTLA TV interview in LA many years ago that I always adhere to, “If you walk into an empty room and it doesn’t feel good, STOP… before you do anything else, get the,“bones” right.” That’s because if the setting doesn’t feel good without furnishings then you will have to over compensate with the decoration.

Mr. Thomas likes to inject contemporary art & authentic antique into a transitional room which takes it beyond the common trend or brand. It is a much more relevant & polished interior & has been dubbed Trans Contemporary. The mix is a carefully chosen balance so as not to pull the room back too far back in time. Anchoring to the past is not the same as living in the past but respecting it.

Critically important is selecting relevant accessories that will tie the room together like carefully selected jewelry would be in making a fashion statement. These pieces not only solidify & support the “look & feel” of a room but add uniqueness & become stimulating conversational pieces.

For the purist client we have accumulated resources from around the world to draw on whether it be craftsmen, Furnishing, fabric or antiques. A rare example of the craftsmen on our interior list is our secret door manufacturer who will use my reclaimed material and fabricate authentic interior or exterior doors maintaining the great patina that new doors could never reproduce.

People need to be able to relate to the materials & forms around them. This will evoke a feeling of comfort, connectedness & security.


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