4 Critical Design Element

4 Critical Design Element

CONTRAST The first design principle to consider. Which I say, can be though of as a verb because it creates the tension (the action) that keeps the eye engaged and moving around the room.

Proportion The next design element, Mark Hampton explains “is the most concrete, physical, and tangible element of design…less dependent on personal taste…more a matter of good judgment one accrues over a lifetime of looking at the best examples”…………. Easier said than done I say.

Colour is what “helps bring a room to life”. I think we can all agree on that.

Balance is many things. In one aspect, it is what a successful project should have if everything else is done correctly. It also represents the result after having taken into consideration all the different needs of both the client and the home. And lastly balance “suggests timelessness; creating a room that is not so of-the-moment that it will feel obsolete within a year, but also not so period-perfect that it seems preserved in amber, more a museum than a home”.

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